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Alabama 3

Saturday 7 April 2012
8pm - 12am
Manning Bar
Access: $42.10 + bf from Access
General: $49.50 + bf from (ph )

special guests: The Rumjacks

Alabama 3 are responsible for perhaps the most recognisable pieces of music of the last century. Their song “Woke Up This Morning” was handpicked by seminal guitarist Steve Van Zandt to front the opening credits of The Sopranos. The music became synonymous with the seedy underbelly of modern American life. No small feat to achieve for a bunch of acid house musicians from Brixton in the United Kingdom.

Alabama 3 or ‘A3’ as they are known to the devoted fans have developed a worldwide following. Their songs weave together across the studio albums into something more than a bunch of random tracks, they create a mythology. Paint a picture of a stylised America and fuse it with international elements to come up with a sound that is as much Dizzy Rascal as it is Woody Guthrie. The band uses the established traditions of American blues, gospel and folk music but knit it effortlessly together with modern European dance music. The result is a band that truly crosses all borders, that sets an atmosphere with not only the music but also samples, lyrics and rap breakdowns.

The A3 mythology is taken even further by the cast of characters bringing this music to you. Larry Love and his partner The Very Reverend Dr W D Love lead their motley crew of desperado’s through a performance that has to quite honestly be seen to be believed. Watching the band you forget that they are British and are transported to another reality where the Wild West and Dustbowl America have been crossed with Bladerunner.

A3’s songs have been featured in countless movies and television shows. They have played all over the world. They have been covered by artists as diverse as The Supersuckers and Willie Nelson. Like the dustbowl musicians they are emulating they have played to countless faces in countless cities and left an unquestionable impression on all of them. Now on the back of their most recent album “Shoplifting for Jesus” A3 is back in Australia for Bluesfest but have been let out for two very special sideshows. Do yourself a favour and check out a band that will let you truly escape…

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