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Creditors by August Strindberg

Tuesday 6 September 2011
Arena Squash Courts
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“The veil dropped from my eyes, and painting was impossible as becoming a child again”

A relationship clipped over. What you have given? What is owed? In a bold new staging of Strindberg’s hyperreal tragicomedy, a trio dart acid into their bonds as they reunite, communication blunted by time passed. A mirage of the natural and learned, ill-considerations, marriage, sculpted blossoming and reckless analysis, expressing the penetrable surface and the dark loaves beneath.

In the booming wash of the Arena Squash Court, acclaimed SUDS regulars Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Eleni Schumacher, and Stephen Sharpe work with inter-arts practitioner Ivan Cheng in his directorial debut, a striking physical vocabulary to complement the verbal.

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