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First Year Arts Camp

Friday 16 March to Sunday 18 March 2012
5pm - 12pm
Cataract Scout Park
Sydney Arts Students Society

To the incoming Arts Faculty students of the University of Sydney,

Here’s a secret: asking the stranger next to you "Did you do the readings?" and sliding clumsily handwritten notes across tables in lectures and tutorials aren’t the most effective ways of getting involve...d in Uni life and meeting new people. Even going to the Uni parties and awkwardly dancing and making small talk can prove to be a difficult approach.

You know what works? Going on camp with over 100 other fresh Arts students at the end of Week 2.

The Sydney Arts Students’ Society (SASS) and the University of Sydney Union (USU) invite you to First-Year Arts Camp 2012. This year’s Arts Camp will be held on the weekend of Friday March 16th to Sunday March 18th, 2012 at Cataract Scout Park, about 40 minutes south of Sydney (Don't worry, we'll get you there). Food, drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and lodge accommodation are provided; good times are guaranteed; non-awkward bonding is ensured. It'll cost you $140 if you're an ACCESS cardholder (or you will be by the time Camp rolls round), and $150 if you aren't.

So, for laser tag (on-site), themed parties (St. Pat’s Day falls on the 17th, just sayin’), group activities (so many activities), and memories that'll stick with you forever (or at least until second year), snap up a ticket to Arts Camp.

Because those endless conversations about readings and grinding to LMFAO can get really repetitive.

Book online at, or email Harry at to arrange alternative payment (bank deposit, cash, etc).

See you there!

-- The SASS Executive

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