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Wednesday 31 August to Friday 9 September 2011
12pm - 2pm
Eastern Avenue, Sydney University

Fun at Lunch. Funch. Fun Lunch. Lunch Fun. Okay? Good.

Verge is set to change how you view the third-most important meal of the day forever by bringing everything you’ve dreamed of to Eastern Avenue. No justification necessary. If you’ve ever wanted to ride a pony on campus, watch a portable circus backflip for your amusement, find out just what tarp surfing is or take in the best acoustic talent available all while relaxing with your essential coffee, we’re here to help. Cartwheels, music, Non-Newtonian fluids and more, Funch is where it’s at.

Every day of Verge come over to Eastern Avenue to take in the coolest things the director’s minds could cook up, day after day. It’s fun for fun’s sake, because you deserve it; what every festival needs.

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