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Harmonic Generator

Friday 13 April 2012
8pm - 12am
Hermann's Bar
Access $8.50 + bf from Access
General $10 + bf from (ph )

special guests: Bonney Read, Forever The Optimist, Dirty Utility

French rockers Harmonic Generator perform one show only in Sydney with their favourite Australian band, all girl punk rockers Bonney Read both supported by Queensland's latest break through 'Forever The Optimist' and youth act 'Dirty Utility'.

Driving a Rock'N'Roll projectile into the audience, these Euro gutter rockers pile on the energy with firebrand guitars, body shaking rhythms and implode the stage with a volatile injection of searingly rebellious vocals.

Brothers Alex Roussel (Drums) and Charl Roussel (Guitar) grew up together in the south of France with friends Nikk Helinger (bass), Renaud Satre (guitar) and Quentin Barthes-Villegas (Vocals). The band members' parents had a major passion for UK and Oz rock vinyl albums from the 70‘s and 80‘s that never left the turntables during their youth and this transpired into a passion and natural progression to the rock show they now deliver.

After their 2011 “Le Downside Up Tour” Harmonic Generator have returned to Australian soil teaming with one of Australia's most renowned producers Mark Opitz (AC/DC / KISS / INXS / The Angels) and acclaimed Australian producer Colin Wynne of Thirty Mill Studio to record and produce their new songs in 2012.

"Australia has such a great rock music history" states Renaud of Harmonic Generator. "Coming here has allowed us to learn so much about our music and the evolution continues working with Mark (Opitz)"

Following the studio time, the band have hooked up with some of Australia's best known act like Kevin Borich and The Poor along with some of the fastest moving breakthrough bands such as The Deep End, Vendetta and Running Hot (Vic) Pistenbroke (SA), Bonney Read (NSW), Forever The Optimist, 1.1.1 and Kill The Apprentice (Qld) to help deliver the ‘Nasty Frogs Tour’ on English soil this February.

So it's Thirty Mill Studio for this exciting rock band, then off to plunder, down-under!! There’s no question that France’s ‘Harmonic Generator’ have hit the ground running in 2012.

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Bonney Read - https://
Forever The Optimist - https://
Dirty Utility - https://?sk=info

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