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Harry Potter Trivia

Tuesday 6 September 2011
Great Hall, Quadrangle
General $20 individual, $150 for a table (10 per table)
ACCESS $15 individual, $100 for a table (10 per table)

The movies are done, Ron’s fat, but the boy who lived is still alive in our hearts. The biggest Potter nerds available have taken over resident Hogwarts-a-like, The Great Hall to deliver the ultimate trivia experience, accessible to everyone from the most unlearned muggle to the most learned Wizard-Bot in the universe. Potter-themed trivia, the biggest prizes of any uni trivia competition yet and, of course, it doesn’t finish until you catch the snitch.

Questions? They’re great.

Prizes? They’re amazing.

Costumes? Yes sirree.

And on top of that it’s hosted by a cabal of genuine wizards, witches and Dumbledores! Accio a smile onto your face, avada kedavra any sads that might be lurking around and grab yourself a [butter]beer from our Great Hall bar to go with all that victory. Finally, an opportunity to show off your DIY thunderbolt scar and sweet Hufflepuff crest tattoo!

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