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Laser Party ft. DJ Tom Loud

Friday 9 September 2011
7:30 pm
Verge Tent

Laser Party brings you the party of tomorrow, today! Verge is going out with a pew pew rather than a bang, but it's still balls-to-the-wall awesome at the Verge tent on the closing night of the festival.

Grab your favourite robot and slip on your auto-dancing cyber-shoes as we outfit the Verge Tent with a Laser Maze (think Mission Impossible or Entrapment) with free prizes at the center for the slinkiest secret agents around! With DJ Tom Loud (Snowball, Tom Loud’s Video Dance-a-rama) on the decks mixing up everything you've ever loved in a marathon one-man DJ/VJ session and a collaboration with the University's physics department that will give Tom's beats control over fire itself, this is the night that will have future generations training their time machines on the 9th of September, 2011 just so they can say "I was there".

We've ordered lasers and those lasers are being shipped to us right now. I can't emphasise this enough. Cheap drinks! Sweet prizes! Cool tunes! Lasers!

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