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Launch Party: Adventures of Mystery and Intrigue, Volume 2

Monday 5 September 2011
7:30 pm
Verge Tent

ADVENTURE HAS COME CALLING; it comes from the hinterlands, and the tundra; widdershins and from just over the horizon; it comes with guns blazing and cannon roaring; with a viper’s bite and the blast of a steam whistle. It comes to you, and you must now answer.

The SECOND ISSUE of the Adventures of Mystery and Intrigue pulp magazine is coming and you are invited to the launch party as part of Verge. Returning after a triumphant debut at Verge 2010, this year’s publication promises even more derring-do’s and don’ts and enough pulp charm to fill a six-shooter. 2010 featured space rangers, airship espionage, dread pirate captains and alien sea monsters all set down on paper to evoke literature’s most carefree black sheep of a genre; what will 2011 hold? Only YOU are brave enough to find out.

Turn up to see authors reading excerpts of their works, snack on hard-earned vittles and be among the first to pick up this dangerously entertaining volume of short fiction.

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