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Saturday 8 October 2011
8pm - 12am
Manning Bar
Access $34 + bf from Access
General $40 + bf from (ph ) and

Special guest: No Anchor

Mono grind their electric crescendo in the tumultuous ground spread before them.

Blurring the boundary between art-metal and neo-classical, Japanese post-rockers MONO, hailing from Tokyo, have long established themselves over the past 12 years as the leading voice of epic majestic noise. Their instrumental compositions are powerful, sweeping studies in the limits of the musical spectrum; from rumbling subsonic lows to dizzying harmonic highs. Over the years, they have developed their vast and beautiful noise into something entirely majestic. Their colossal orchestrations often incorporate strings, flutes, organ, piano, glockenspiel and tymphani as well as guitar and drums, balancing all elements masterfully with each new release and live performance.

More recently MONO's sound has dynamically shifted into something bigger and more cinematic, none more so than during their special New York concert where they elevated their already legendary live show with a 24 piece orchestra entitled "MONO and The Holy Ground Orchestra". So far they have performed it in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, London and New York (as documented in the Live CD/DVD release 'Holy Ground' on Temporary Residence)... and will include an Australian version for the Melbourne International Arts Festival on this 2011 tour.

“We have been playing music together as a band for over 12 years now and we feel we have come so far in that time, as musicians and as people. We want to push the boundaries of what is expected of rock musicians and draw upon those influences that heavily inspire us, namely Beethoven and other classical composers, and perform something very unique.”

"Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents." - Ludwig van Beethoven

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