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Saturday 13 August 2011
8pm - 12am
Manning Bar
Access $21.25 + bf from Access
general $25 + bf from (ph ).

Special guest: Disasteradio (NZ)

Flopping around in the splendour of the astroturfing, the effervescent mannequins of iconic interpay bum rush the 'flo to the stunts and blunts of a gunkholing world inside their annual sail tour. While the buzz sparkerteers crash their way through a window dressing of approaches to releasing music, time shifts by to stir up a whole new basket of Regurgitator material tacking its way soon through the widening thicket of whatever flows... as the time of the year falls to rack up the dials and sluice some hot ticket items through the touring blunder.

New season fashisms fill premier designer cults... a year past of sonic pilgrimages to Akira with an inspired rendition of a live soundtrack at last year' s Sydney Opera House 'Graphic' festival; soccer scores with a short live performance at the exciting A Grade soccer Grand Final in Brisbane; numerous shows in London, Dubai, Bahrain and the never far domestic regions with the 2010 Distractions tour ala guests Rat vs Posssum, along with fun sets at Port Macquarie's Festival of the Sun and new year's eve in Newcastle ... all served with a selection of new tracks uploaded for the downloading Quan, Ben & Peter emerge hermetically sealed with a sweet taste for skimming the horizons.

Also flicked on the cruiser's deck will be special guests New Zealand's electroparty magnet DISASTERADIO.

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