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Resistance Club Intro and Film Screening (Egypt Burning - Al Jazeera)

Wednesday 23 November 2011
1pm - 2pm
Carslaw Lecture Room 250
Resistance Club (USU)

We'll be showing the film "Egypt Burning" by Al Jazeera for the first half of the meeting, followed by a half hour of discussion and fun. (NB: Fun = probably more discussion and invitations to join the club)

Of Egypt Burning:

"This film tells the story of five days in January 2011 when the people of Egypt broke through a barrier of fear they had known for a generation and rose in revolt against their president.

Anger had long been brewing in Egypt - strikes, unemployment and sectarian tension were on the rise.

Small networks of activists had been agitating against Hosni Mubarak's autocratic rule for years. But it was only when another Arab country, Tunisia, rose up against its tyrant that the Egyptian activists attracted mass support.

People took to the streets across Egypt demanding political freedoms, an end to state corruption and a better quality of life for the impoverished population.

Egypt Burning captures those critical moments as history unfolded through interviews with Al Jazeera correspondents on the ground. Their coverage of this popular uprising made them the target of a state campaign to get Al Jazeera off the air."

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