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Sydney University Politics Society-AGM Election of new Exec 2011/2012

Wednesday 31 August 2011
5:30 pm - 7pm
New Law Seminar 100, University of Sydney
Sydney University Politics Society


When: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:30pm
Where: New Law School Seminar 100, The University of Sydney

Dear Member,

We would like to invite you to the Annual General meeting of the Politics Society.

The Following Positions Will Be Open For Election at our AGM:

i. A President
ii. Two Vice Presidents (one male and one female)
iii. A Secretary
iv. A Treasurer
v. Two External Liaison Officers
vi. Two Events Coordinators (one male and one female)
vii. Four Media & Publicity Officers
viii. An IT Officer
ix. Two First Year Representatives (one male and one female)
x. A Postgraduate representative
xi. A President Emeritus (immediate past present)

For more information on these positions, please see the descriptions below, or please email

Hope to see you there!

History of the Society

Established in 2004, the Politics Society is the official student organization for the Discipline of Government & International Relations. It has close to 500 members. It is strictly non-partisan and does not have any political agenda. The mission of the Society is to bring balanced, accessible, and meaningful debate on a wide range of political issues to the university community. In past years, the Society has hosted public lectures with high profile speakers including diplomats, politicians, and academics, as well social events.

This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to participate in the leadership and organization of a very active student society devoted to advancing understanding in political studies and issues, public policy and international affairs. You do not have to be majoring in Government and International Relations or have any previous experience in order to run for an Executive position. Students from all years are encouraged to nominate themselves, particularly First Year students!

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee, please submit a SHORT APPLICATION to before August 30th. The application should
(i) explain why you want to be involved,
(ii) list any relevant extra-curricular/leadership experience, and
(iii) list the positions you would like to nominate yourself for (ranked in order of preference).

The application should be NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS IN TOTAL. Please note that applications will NOT be read out at the AGM however you will be given an opportunity to discuss your merit prior to voting

Duties of Executive Members

(Must have at least 1 year experience within the Politics Society Executive)
i. Directs the society and its activities, in consultation with the Executive.
ii. Liaises with the Executive and any Committees formed by the Society.
iii. Ensures an adequate and efficient handover to the following Executive, including all Society documents and materials.
iv. Liaises regularly with the Chair of the Discipline of Government and International Relations in order to ensure that the Society's second purpose is fulfilled, and in order to ensure that the Society maintains a good relationship with the Discipline. This involves keeping the Chair advised of the Society's activities, and ensuring the continuing support of the Society by the Discipline.

Vice-Presidents (2) (Male, Female)
i. Assists the President in her/his duties.
ii. Develops strategy to ensure that interest and participation of junior students in the Society is maintained. This occurs with the consultation of the Executive.

i. Maintains the Society's finances in accordance with the Treasurer's Handbook produced by the Clubs and Societies Office (CSO) of the University of Sydney Union (USU).
ii. Presents a financial report to the Annual General Meeting, detailing the financial activity and status of the Society.
iii. Liaises with the President regarding funding, from USU and the Economics and Business Faculty, for events of the Society.
v. Ensures an adequate and efficient handover to the following Executive, including all Society documents and materials.

i. Conducts the correspondence of the Society, as requested by the President or Vice Presidents.
ii. Books meeting rooms for the Society.
iii. Keeps minutes of the proceedings of all Society meetings.
iv. Maintains the records and documents of the Society, including a list of current Members, in accordance with USU guidelines.
v. Maintains the Society's registration with USU.

External Liaison Officer (2)
i. Communicates with potential sponsors, generally with the President & Treasurer (or Vice President(s)) of the Society, and maintains good relations with sponsors, keeping them informed of the Society's relevant activities in order to maintain their support.
ii. Manages the societies career’s portfolio, including organising careers fairs and pamphlets, and passing information to members concerning employment opportunities as appropriate.
iii. Organises the Government and International Relations alumni program, along with the President and other interested Executive members, the Discipline of Government and International Relations, and other interested parties.

Events Coordinators (2)
i. Assists in booking venues, organising catering, preparing quotes, organising help for the actual event, and other event-related tasks, as requested by the President or Vice Presidents, including managing the social portfolio of the society.
ii. Organises the Society's social events such as BBQ's and drinks nights, with the assistance of other Executive or other members.
iii. This includes community-building events, such as those involving the Discipline of Government and International Relations Honours program.

Media & Publicity Coordinators (4)
i. Directs the publicity effort for events or programs of the society, including lecture bashing, postering, communicating with other societies as appropriate, and preparing materials for distribution.
ii. Maintains the online presence and profile of the society, including maintenance of all facebook publicity and assisting IT director with website maintenance. This portfolio is also responsible, with the assistance of first year representatives and others as necessary, to keep records (written, photographic, video – as agreed) of all the society’s events.
iii. . Investigates possibilities for and takes the lead in preparing media releases reporting on the Society's events, including articles for publication in The Bull and Honi Soit for example.

IT Officer
i. Responsible for the maintenance of the Society's IT functions, including but not limited to the website.
President Emeritus (Immediate Past President)
i. Advise the president and the executive on any matters related to the running of the society.
ii. This shall be a ceremonial role, not requiring election, in which the immediate past president of the society shall automatically become the President Emeritus.

First Year Representatives (2) (Male, Female)
i. Assists across all portfolios as directed by President and Vice Presidents.

Postgraduate Representative
i. assists across all portfolios as needed
ii. Investigates possibilities for engagement with the postgraduate community of Govt and IR, with the aim of encouraging postgraduate participation in Politics Society activities, and acts as conduit of information with this group.

Kind regards,
The Politics Society Executive 2010/2011

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