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Volta: Mul.apin

Wednesday 31 August 2011
Old Darlington School

MUL.APIN is a Babylonian star catalogue dating from around 1000 BC - for millennia humans have been seized by the skies. The celebrated composers Karlheinz Stockhausen and George Crumb were no exception, their respective ‘Tierkreis’ and ‘Makrokosmos’ drawing inspiration from the stars and zodiac. VOLTA: MUL.APIN places these pieces alongside new works by emerging Australian composers Lachlan Hughes, Russell Phillips, Joseph Power and Marcus Whale.

A program filled with gesture, contrasting sounds and staged movement, the program is given life by Jacob Abela and Ivan Cheng, a piano and clarinet duo notable for their vibrant, considered performances of new music.

MUL.APIN is an initiative of the Volta Collective; a group of striving to expand artistic collaboration between performers and composers to create unique and contemporary music. This event is a fundraiser for ‘Nothing but a Raucous Instrument’ - a new opera theatre work to be staged in the upstairs TAP gallery from October 5-8.

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