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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The University of Sydney Union Annual General Meeting will be held at 11am on Thursday 31 May 2012, at Manning Bar, Manning House.

Download Offical Notice and Agenda

Current Directors 

Astha Rajvanshi
Arts (Media and Communications), III

Brigid Dixon
Vice President
Law, IV

Rhys Pogonoski
Honorary Treasurer
Juris Doctor, I

Zachary Thompson
Honorary Secretary
Arts, III

Jacqui Munro
Board Director
International Studies, V

Hannah Morris
Board Director
Juris Doctor, I

John Harding-Easson
Board Director
International and Global Studies, III

Karen Chau
Board Director
Commerce (Liberal Studies), III

Mina Nada
Board Director
Arts/Law Graduate 

Sophie Stanton
Board Director
Commerce/Arts, III
Tom Raue
Board Director
Arts, IV
Sibella Matthews
Immediate Past President
Economics and Social Sciences/Law, V


Emma McDonald BA LLB (USyd)
Emma joined the Board in 2012. She is a life member of the USU, and spent 5 years at the University of Sydney (1987-1991). Emma wrote regular columns for Honi Soit and the Union Recorder, edited Growing Strong and The Wig, sat on many USU committees, and was Vice President of SULS. Emma is currently the General Counsel & Company Secretary of Prime Media Group Limited. She is a freelance writer for Fairfax, an avid art collector and a mother of two teenage sons.


Individual directors can be contacted by email, available above.

For general information, or to submit documents, please contact the Secretariat

The Secretariat
Level 5, Holme Building,
Science Road, University of Sydney

Composition of the Board

Eleven elected Directors with two years terms, the Immediate Past President who holds office for one year and two Senate Appointed Representatives who are appointed by the University annually.

The Directors are elected in May of each year, with approximately half the directors being replaced (five Directors in years ending in an even number, six in years ending in an odd number). The directors are referred to as 1st year directors or 2nd year directors, reflecting the year of their term they are currently in. For more information on the next Elections, please go to the
Elections Page.

The Executive are Board Directors who are elected the offices of the President, the Vice President, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.

The Immediate Past President is the President from the term prior who remains to advise the Board, and they are a non-voting member of the Board.

The University of Sydney Senate appoints two representatives to the Board. These representatives are voting members of the Board.

For more information on the current members of the Board, please go to the Board Composition Page.

Board Meetings

The Board is required by the Regulations to meet at least ten times in each year. Meetings are usually held on the third Friday of each month or forth Friday if there are five weeks in a month.

Board meetings are open to all members of the Union and will have Open Question Time as a standing agenda item. During the Open Question Time members may bring to Board’s attention any matter relating to Union affairs, and ask questions of Directors and staff.  

Members are free to remain throughout the meeting, but will be asked to leave if the meeting moves in camera.

Please note that Members and other attendees do not have speaking rights at the meeting outside the Open Question Time.

Board meetings are chaired by the President, or in his/her absence, by the Vice-President.

The President may convene a special meeting to discuss issues that need urgent resolution.


2013 Board Meeting Schedule:

22nd February 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

5th April 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

26th April 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

31st May 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

28th June 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

26th July 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

30th August 2013 – Holme Sutherland Room

27th September 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

25th October 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

29th November 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

6th December 2013 - MacCallum Cullen Room

Please note: ALL meetings start promptly at 1pm.


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