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The USU offers organisations many unique opportunities to communicate your message meaningfully to over 45,000 students - your target audience.

Demographic at a glance
50 000 students
3 400 staff
200+ Clubs and Socities
57% Female
43% Male
10 000 + International students
Garduates become top 10% of income earners in the country
Reach tomorrow’s leaders today
They are advanced users of technology and engage with entertainment, music, fashion and culture, and are often opinion leaders amongst their peers. The USU offers integrated and strategic sponsorship campaigns that truly allow you to leverage off of the strength of the USU and our student population, for maximum penetration into this key demographic.
The USU offers an array of high-key events that will effectively allow directly associable links between your company and events. Alternatively you can even coordinate a year long campaign that will create cut through for the year at an extremely competitive rate. Ultimately, we understand the requirements of a truly effective sponsorship campaign and we will meet your needs by creating a tailored exercise for you.

The best bit...

Get this! All corporate funds generated from promotional exercises (every cent!) is reinvested into even more activities and benefits for our students.
USU is a not for profit organisation and all advertising and sponsorship funds are utilised to run student events, programs and publications.


Each year, the USU hosts O-Week at the beginning of Semester One attracting more than 15,000 students, and Re-O Day in Semester Two. These pivotal events represent students’ transition to independence and University life. These are a great avenue to capture the attention of tens of thousands of students, in terms of decisions made for the remainder of their degrees.
 O-Week is the largest tertiary orientation of its kind in the southern hemisphere. O-Week is when the campus explodes into life with the excitement and energy of students preparing for the coming year.
For more information on O-Week 2013, visit our website.

 Verge Festival

The Verge Arts Festival is a two-week Arts Festival held at the University of Sydney, dedicated to bringing art, music, culture and comedy onto campus in new and innovative ways each year.  
 Held from Wednesday 3 October 2012 - Friday 12 October 2012, Verge showcases the best work from some of the most talented students in the country.
Part fringe festival, part arts showcase, the festival explodes onto Camperdown campus every year, bringing an average of 30,000 students. Click here for more information.

 International Students

The University of Sydney has more than 9,000 international students and each semester USU hosts an orientation welcome party for them. 

The students look to this event for their first sense of social interaction through the University and get a sense of what campus life is about. 

We have fantastic opportunities for branding and marketing opportunities through this channel and can help you position your company well with this highly sought after demographic

 Click here for more info on the International Student's Lounge.



 Music On Campus

Beachball and Snowball - Start of semester multi level dance parties with 3,000+ in attendance.
End of Semester Parties – Opportunity for students to let their hair down and celebrate the semester just past.
Band Comp - Showcasing some of the brightest young talent in music.
Lunchtime bands and Acoustic sessions - Weekly to packed crowds.


 Award Programs

Volunteer of the Year Award
USU has a large number of programs that rely on the contribution and commitment of volunteers and service the high schools in the community. With around 500 students involved, this Award aims at rewarding USU’s dedicated volunteers for their contribution to society.
Leadership and Excellence Award
Every year, through this award, a USU registered Club or Society and a USU Member are recognised for their contribution to the University community and student life.



 Theatresports and Revues

Weekly Theatresports gigs are one of USU’s most popular year long programs. Student teams and a comic host entertain a packed Manning Bar during Thursday lunchtimes, culminating in a Grand Final in September. Seven faculties (Engineering, Law, Art, Medicine, Science, Architecture, Commerce) each co-ordinate a week long theatre Revue at the University’s Seymour Theatre Centre.



For further information on integrated on-campus marketing opportunities, please contact:



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