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Annual Reports


2011 Annual Report
"As we reflect on 2011, we're proud of the progress we've made in cementing our organisation into student life. As we grow and evolve, we will continue to ensure we meet the needs of our deiverse community."

2010 Annual Report
"In 2010, we continued to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing the best student experience by undertaking significant changes to ensure our future growth. In-depth research was undertaken in late 2009 and we utilised the key findings to improve our services and programs and thereby continue to serve the needs of our student population."

  2009 Annual Report
"2009 was a year of remarkable achievement by the University of Sydney Union. Notwithstanding the negative budgetary impact of the Global Financial Crisis, we posted our strongest financial result since the introduction of VSU. Our student experience programs continued to reach new heights."
2008 Annual Report
"2008 was a year of significant progress. A lot of the pertinent threats and adversity posed by Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) were allayed. This dynamic organisation formally established a place at the University of Sydney while building upon its vast range of activities, programs and services for the University community."
2007 Annual Report 2007 Annual Report
"This year has been one of incredible change. This vibrant and active organisation has moved forward at immense pace in the face of the adversity brough about by Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU). This legislative attack on the student experience at Australian universities left USU in a position to either take the red pen to the organisation, or to find creative and innovative ways to tackle the problem. I am proud to say that, in 2007, the USU Board of Directors chose the latter direction, continuing to challenge itself to reach new heights, form new relationships and serve the students at this University with the best possible programs activities and services."
 2006 Annual Report 2006 Annual Report
"Over the 132–year history of USU, this document’s role has been to inform students about the state of USU by capturing its successes, disappointments, challenges and accomplishments. In 2006, USU was subjected to its most serious challenge – the Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation came into force in July, severely compromising USU’s primary revenue source."
 2005 Annual Report 2005 Annual Report
"For the last 131 years, Presidents have reported in documents such as this on the state of the Union. Each year, these reports have informed students about the health of the institution by capturing the essence of USU’s accomplishments, successes, disappointments and challenges. However, in a year which commenced with the quality of USU’s sausage rolls being discussed in the House of Representatives and ended with the USU having 30% of its income base stripped by an act of Federal Parliament, many students and pundits, both professional and amateur, have already reached a prognosis on the mortality of USU. Since the VSU Act was passed on December 9, countless words across hundreds of pages have been spent eulogising the Union and lamenting its passing."
 2004 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report
"Since July last year the USU has undergone necessary reform. Our commitment to structural change that reflects the needs of a rapidly changing student body has resulted in an improved and more representative Union.

"Over the last ten years the USU had become gradually more reliant on member fees as a proportion of total income. The USU had been spending too much on student programs without any diversified income streams. Paradoxically, despite all this expenditure students still complained that they weren’t getting value for money, they weren’t getting the experience they’d been promised and they simply weren’t happy."

 2004 Financial Report

2004 Financial Report
"The 2004 calendar year was a challenging year for the Union.
Events worthy of note include:

  • VSU back on the political agenda
  • Appointment of a new General Manager
  • Steady accumulation of cash throughout the year
  • Re-weighting of the investment portfolio
  • Sinking funds maintained for all three Union buildings
  • Reduced operating surplus on 2003 ($900K)
  • Completion of the Point of Sale system replacement
  • Commencement of work on the Member Card"
 2003 Financial Report

2003 Financial Report
"2003 has been a satisfying year from a financial perspective. Highlights include:

  • Above budget operating revenue (3.2%)
  • Increased operating revenue from 2002 (3.2%)
  • Steady accumulation of cash throughout the year
  • Sinking funds set aside for all three Union buildings
  • Commencement of discussions with the University re a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Point of sale system replacement well in progress"

Organisational Policies

 USU Logo USU Constitution

Privacy Policy
The USU's privacy policy governs under what circumstances, if any, your information will be disclosed to third parties. USU protects its members' privacy to every extent possible.

 Privacy Alumni Records and Privacy
The USU may retain records pertaining to its members even after they are no longer studying and/or are no longer members. This policy governs the length of time and circumstances under which this information will be retained.
   Regulations and Directors' Duty Statements of the USU
Debates Committee Regulations

Terms & Conditions

Ticket Ticket Purchase Terms of Sale
Every ticket or equivalent attedance to an event sold through USU is governed by these terms of sale.
The Bull The Bull Competitions and Giveaways Terms and Conditions
The Bull Disclaimer
USU Access Membership Terms and Conditions


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