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Debates meets regularly on Wednesday evenings for 'Regionals' Seminars and Debating.

How does it work?
The format is simple: there'll be a seminar and free food at 5.15pm (please get there a little early so that we can run to schedule). At 6pm we'll start putting you in teams, and your debates will start soon after that. After the debate finishes and you get feedback your adjudicator, come along to Hermann's for a bar tab.

Where is it?
The seminar and briefing (where we'll put you in teams and give you the topic) will be in Carslaw 173. The debates will all be in separate rooms. When does it start? The seminars start at 5.15pm, teams for the debates are set between 6pm and 6.30pm, and the debates start at 7pm.

What will the seminars be about?
The seminars will be pretty informal. They'll be led by some of our best and brightest debaters, with the aim of helping you learn the ropes of university debating. The topics for the seminars will vary greatly from week to week, and you should try and come to as many as possible. It doesn't matter how much you know going into the seminar – you might be very experienced, or you might still think that debaters who talk about models mean the Megan Gale variety; either way you're likely to learn something useful.

What will the debating topics be like?
In a word, varied. Some might be topics you've done before, others might be a little outside your comfort zone. You will, however, get a choice of three topics, so you're likely to find at least one you're comfortable with.

Who will I be in a team with?
In short, whoever you want. You can come by yourself and be put in a team with people matching your own experience level, or people who are a little bit older. You can come with a small posse and debate together. It's entirely up to you. Just come up to us on the night and tell us what you'd like and we'll do our best to accommodate everyone.

Do I have to be funny?
Not really. If we made that a requirement, we'd probably be struggling to fill debates. Try and keep the debate lively, and maybe throw in a joke or two if it's appropriate. But you aren't expected to do a stand up comedy routine, and that probably wouldn't make for very good debating.

But I have something else on Wednesdays!
You'll notice that this isn't a question, and can't be answered, but I still get asked it all the time, so here's the best response I have: Do your other commitments take you out for a free dinner with scintillating conversation and free drinks? If so, congrats on finding the world's only intellectual sugar-daddy. If not, I'm sure you can miss a few weeks of Community College Oregami or whatever, so come to Regionals!

Please note that all this information is subject to change. Email for more information.

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