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The V Team
USU has just launched a brand new initiative that combines our traditional fields of volunteering with exciting new projects.  We call it The V Team! The aim is to provide an array of opportunities that match the passions and availability of our  USU volunteers, as well providing a major meeting, training and support point for all our volunteers and volunteering programs. 



 Why Volunteer?
Our volunteers have found that by donating their time to a causes they believe in, they are able to:
•      Enjoy a sense of purpose
•      Develop skills that they don’t necessarily get from their degree – time management, teamwork, leadership etc
•      Give back to their community
•      Protect our environment and animals
•      Make new friends with like-minded people
•      Have fun!
All USU volunteers are recognised formally with certificates of participation. Volunteer leaders and outstanding individual volunteers may be nominated for our prestigious awards including the coveted USU Volunteer of the Year Award.  
Are you eligible?
All USU members are eligible to apply.  Successful applicants receive generalist volunteer training as well as specific job-related training.  
Festival Volunteers
Throughout the year the USU manages a number of major university-wide events, including O-Week, Verge Festival, Indigenous Festival, The Humanitarian Fair and Interfaith Week.
USU Members are encouraged to volunteer to help with the organisation and management of these festivals.
Activities Volunteers
USU is always seeking volunteers to help with the running of our day to day events – concerts, parties, special talks, etc.  Activities Volunteering is a great way to meet friends and to really get involved in the nitty gritty of student life!
The School Tutoring Program
For over 25 years, USU has provided volunteer tutoring assistance for local, low SES HSC students. Typically such tutoring takes place on campus once or twice a week. It is intensive, one-on-one coaching and provides invaluable support for some of society’s most in-need school students.  The program has been hugely successful and has made an incredible difference to the lives of hundreds of students – many of whom have had their lives turned around by the experience.
Australian Discussion Groups
What better way for international students to settle in than to talk about day-to-day things with the locals? Topics range from Aussie politics and study tips, through to how to talk to friends in social settings.  Local volunteers facilitate the sessions, giving them a chance to meet interesting fellow students from all around the world, learn different languages and help provide a sense of belonging, both at Sydney University as well as in the wider community.
New & Exciting Partnerships
In 2013, The V Team will be developing new partnerships, both nationally and internationally. These will provide an opportunity for volunteers to contribute to their wider community on issues that they are passionate about including environmental, animal welfare, development, social justice and youth programs.  Watch this space!
Our logo was inspired by superheroes, and we believe that our volunteers are exactly that!

There’s a superhero in all of us. Volunteer today.


To apply, complete an application form and forward to:
The V Spot
International Students Lounge, Level 4, Wentworth Building
E.    T. 
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