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Room Booking Information

USVC bookings for Uni venues, spaces, lawns and BBQs
The following information is to give you an overview of the Uni booking system and the type of bookings which we (USVC) can handle. Within the Uni booking system, we can categories the bookings into two categories, Timetable and Casual bookings.

Timetable bookings are made for classes taught for units of study and are booked via the Timetable department.

Casual bookings are all other bookings, for instance those made by external clients, individuals, Clubs and Societies etc and are mainly made for a purpose other than teaching a class.

Note that not all of the Uni space is available to us; some rooms are managed by their own Faculties. We manage all casual bookings for all venues which are listed within the domain of the Central Booking Office.

Access to the Uni booking system
You are able to access the Uni booking system as follows:
Click on to timetable. If you don’t have the link available then you can find the web site by: Logging on to the University of Sydney website
Click on to Staff Go to “book room”
This will take you within the booking system to Bookings and here you will be able to view rooms available, as well as descriptions of their location, the facilities they offer and their location on campus.
You will also then be able to complete and submit your request via our online booking.

Costs for University venue or space hire
Clubs and Societies can book University class room/tutorial spaces free of charge, for bookings which occur, Monday through Friday between the hours of 1-2pm. Note that the larger commercial spaces cannot be utilised, such as the main halls and major lecture theatres. All Clubs and Societies must be recognised and affiliated to the USU.

For new Clubs and Societies which have not been recognised and officially affiliated, they are allowed one booking for their first “get together” meeting. For all other bookings which will involve venue costs, we are happy to assist and provide details to you and we would require you in the first instance to complete our on line booking form. All registered Clubs and Societies will be eligible for our discounted B rate, which represents a saving of over 40% against the standard hire rates.

There are currently four BBQs available on campus, provided by the University which are free of charge, they are:

Civil engineering Sink Lawn BBQ
Botany Lawn BBQ
Squash Courts Roof Top BBQ
Bosch BBQ

These can be booked through the USVC - we will just require a $50 deposit for the key. Note that there are some rules and regulations that must be adhered to and these will enable that the facility is kept tidy for the next user. So it is the responsibility of the Club or Society to ensure they operate in a responsible manner and to remove all rubbish after the BBQ in the bins provided on campus and to wipe down all surfaces and ensure it is left neat and tidy for the next user. If the BBQ is left in an uncleaned, uncared-for state, then the hirer will be banned from using the BBQs for the remainder of the year. The Uni BBQs are free of charge, however you will need to provide any tools required to assist with cooking, such as tongs and a scrapper along with paper towel and oil to assist with cooking and cleaning.

We are here to provide guidance and assistance and there are occupational health and safety standards which must be met. If a club or society cannot provide proof that they are equipped to successfully hold such a BBQ, they may be denied use of the facility.

The USVC is dedicated to supporting the USU and Clubs and Societies, and we look forward to working with you all through 2009.

To book a room click here.

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