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Re-usable Treasurer Templates

If you have a template that you would like to share with the C&S community please send it to the C&S Auditors
() for  their consideration. 

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Treasurer’s Handbook Appendices

Word (.doc) versions of the Appendices found in the Treasurer’s Handbook for re-use and tailoring as required.

Audit Checklist form
Executive Declaration form
Reimbursement form
Submission form
Tax Declaration form 

Income Templates for re-use and tailoring as required

You are required to give very careful consideration regarding the systems and templates used for income collection for the Club or Society. These are examples of templates and these templates may not be suited to the income collection recording systems required to meet the club’s income collection needs. Refer to Treasurer’s Handbook Section 2.2 Income for further explanation.

Receipt Books should be used as prescribed in the Treasurer’s Handbook. “If you collect more than $5 from an individual, you should issue them with a full income receipt and give them a copy (regardless of whether they want one or not!). You must keep a carbon copy in the receipt book”.

A Receipt is required when collecting Membership money even if the amount is below $5.

Other Income Recording systems. If you collect less than $5 from an individual (Eg. for a BBQ or raffle), it is acceptable to use a raffle ticket book or tally sheet to support your income. If you are collecting “gold coin donations” for an event or charity collection, it is not possible to issue a receipt to each person. In this case, two people should be appointed to count the money. The Treasurer will then generate a receipt or use a form which should be signed by the two people counting the money.
Cash Collection Template
Suggested use for events such as gold coin donations, selling cakes etc .i.e. where the amounts are by discretion of the payer or small one-off selling events. Must be signed by two people to validate the cash collected amount. Also indicate the number of Club member and Non-club members attending the event. Alternatively a standard receipt book could be used and completed in the same way.

Small Event Tally Template
Use when an alternative to the Raffle/ Check Ticket system is appropriate. For small manageable events where no pre-numbered or organised tickets are available. Use tally marks to note the attendance according to the status of the person i.e. Club member or Non- Club member. 

Other Supporting Documents

Handover Meeting
Once a new Treasurer is voted in at an AGM it is important that there is a handover meeting held so the Outgoing Treasurer can discuss the Treasurer role and the processes and systems they had in place during their year/period as Treasurer. The Outgoing Treasurer should also hand-over the Cashbook they have started for the new financial year and all related documentation such as invoices, receipt books, cheque books, deposit books and bank statements. This meeting process helps ensure the Treasurer role and the management of the finances of the Club are carried on without disruption to the Club members. A Treasurer Handover Meeting Agenda template has been drafted for your tailoring and re-use.

Joint Event Agreements
When holding a joint event with another club or entity it is recommended that an agreement is drafted that records the intentions, responsibilities, monetary income and expenditure commitments of all parties to the joint event arrangement.

After reviewing agreements in use by clubs in the C&S program, a list of suggested joint event agreement content items has been compiled for your re-use.

Sponsorship Documents
Include copies of the sponsorship arrangements on file to support the income received as well as the Remittance Advices, emails or letters received with the Sponsor’s cheque or EFT transfer.

Population Summary
A Population Summary should be completed to ensure that all major event pre-numbered Tickets and physical items such as T-Shirts, hoodies or chocolate boxes are all accounted for and therefore the income is complete or as expected.  

Prescribed Documents for use by Clubs and Societies

Cashbook template
Treasurer’s Handbook
2011 O-Week Sponsorship Agreement


You are also reminded that your Society /Club events should now show the number of members attending the events by USU / Club member, USU / Non-Club member and Non-USU persons for all income collected.

The Income collection and receipting systems will help with collection of this information. The Submission form should be used to summarise the information.

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