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The University of Sydney Union was founded in 1874 as a debating institution. In 2010, the USU is responsible for the most successful debating program in the world. Sydney University remains the highest ranked debating institution world-wide, ahead of Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and the entire Ivy League. Having won the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships, the Australian Women’s British Parliamentary Championships and the World Intervarsity Debating Championships in 2009, USU Debating is gearing up for the defence of those titles in 2010.

Being part of USU Debating is not only about winning or even competing in inter-varsity tournaments. USU Debating is about providing a community, where argumentative, verbose and passionate people are not only the norm, but are celebrated. The debating program revolves around an informal and fun Regionals program, designed to allow you to debate issues over some (free) pide.

With the continued generosity of our USU, debating can either feed you on Wednesday nights or fly you around the world to compete. Debating at Sydney University can be as serious or as laid-back as you like.

If you would like to become involved with the oldest debating institution in Australia and the best debating institution in the world, sign up for our Debaterbase emails by e-mailing us at  or come along to Regionals one week – Wednesday at 5.15pm in Carslaw 173.

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