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Australian Discussion Groups

ADG posterThe Australian Discussion Groups are designed to support international students develop their English language skills in a relaxed, social environment. Topics range from essay writing skills through to how to talk to friends in social settings.

Local students facilitate the sessions with USU staff, giving them a chance to meet cool and interesting people from all around the world, learn different languages and help the international students to feel a sense of belonging to the University community.

The Australian Discussion Groups take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 3pm. The session lasts for one hour, but participants are welcome to stay longer.

Topics this semester are:

Week One: Aussie Language – Slang, Idiom and Accent
Week Two: Aussie Food – Lamington making session
Week Three: Aussie Media
Week Four: Aussie Love & Music
Week Five: Aussie Careers
Week Six: Aussie Politics
Week Seven: Aussie Lifestyle/Culture
Week Eight: Study Tips
Week Nine: Aussie Underbelly – Sydney’s Dark Side
Week Ten: Aussie Food – BBQs and Beer
Week Eleven: Aussie Beach Culture
Week Twelve: Aussie Christmas
Week Thirteen: Exam / Study Tips

The Australian Discussion Groups take place at the International Student Lounge on Level 4 of the Wentworth Building. Australian Discussion Groups are FREE to join!


Volunteer Coordinator
The ACCESS Centre
Level 1, Manning House


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