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Log in to Online Portal

To log in to the Online Portal, please go to the following link: -  

Your Clubs Web I.D number and your personal Access card number (AID) – are required to log in to the Online Portal. Your Access number must be the AID that you last informed the C&S Office of. If your Access card number has changed, you will need to contact the C&S Office to update the details. Only currently registered Club executives are eligible to log in to the Online Portal.

The Online Portal can be used to submit Pre Event forms, update your Clubs executive details, upload new membership lists and check your Clubs C&S Funding.

Pre Event Funding forms must be submitted via the Online Portal no later than 2 business days before the event. For example; an event starting on Monday will need the Pre Event form to be completed no later than Thursday the week prior. Clubs will still receive an email from the C&S Office confirming receipt of the Pre Event form.

Advertising Events Online;
All clubs should advertise their events on the USU Website – This is a great way of attracting new members to your Clubs events. To advertise your events, simply fill out the online form.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a Constitutional requirement that all meetings must be advertised in a USU Publication if there are elections or constitutional amendments. If you are not sure of your Clubs constitutional requirements, please read over a copy of your club constitution or ask your friendly C&S Office Staff.

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