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Candidates mount the soapbox - 5 May 2010

A feisty student audience packed into Manning Bar this afternoon and fired questions at the 11 candidates running in the Union board elections to be held next Wednesday, 12 May.

The candidates soapbox is an annual event where the Board hopefuls plead their case and answer questions from a panel comprised of student editors from The Bull and Honi Soit, and from the audience of peers.

The candidates canvassed a wide range of issues, most notably the Green Paper, the USU’s relationship with the University, Clubs and Societies and Access Card sales. The audience became a vociferous popularity gauge, with cheers, jeers and applause often erupting following a cutting question or heady statement. The candidates now have one week of campaigning left before their fellow students head to the polls on campus on 12 May.

All currently enrolled students are eligible to vote, and voters will receive a free $5 meal voucher for the day.

Click here for more information on voting and polling booth locations.

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