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25 Years of Service - 12 October 2009

Smiling SPOCs at O-Week 2009USU celebrates tireless volunteers

The University of Sydney Union (USU) is celebrating 25 years of invaluable volunteer service which has helped hundreds of school students and others in the community.

On Thursday a special event will be held to not only mark the 25th Anniversary of the School Tutoring Program but also to thank the hundreds of volunteers who help out the community.

The party, to be held in the all-new Verge Gallery, will celebrate the ever-increasing success of School Tutoring Program, an initiative that provides effective tuition services to local year 11 and 12 students, equipping them with the best chances to progress their education.

The party will also give recognition to the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly year in, year out, for the benefit of others. “Volunteers are a A USU Volunteer helps a high-school student prepare for the HSChuge part of our USU – their efforts over the 25 years of the School Tutoring Program have helped support thousands of local students achieve their best in the HSC”, said Programs Coordinator for the USU, Brendon McKeon.

In 1984, a handful of USU volunteers were alarmed by a report that highlighted the startling fact that high-school students from the local area were not progressing into tertiary education. In response, the USU and its keen volunteers established the School Tutoring Program, which now incorporates12 partner schools, providing one hour of personal tuition each week to more than 100 students preparing for the crucial HSC exams.

The USU’s army of student volunteers have also grown to dedicate more than 4150 hours of service a year to the university community and beyond. They provide a wide range of services including an airport greeting service for international students, orientation assistance and advice; local youth centre help, discussion groups for non-English speakers and many other supportive programs.

The most outstanding volunteers will be awarded with the prestigious Volunteer and New Volunteer of the Year Awards – winning $1000 and $500 cash prizes respectively, with support from PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors.

“The USU is indebted to the work of its volunteers, and is proud of their contribution to the organisation and the wider community,” said McKeon. “In everything we do, volunteers are our backbone; they’re the first to arrive and the last to leave.” “They’re really too good for words!”

USU School Tutoring Program 25th Anniversary and Volunteer Thanks Party
Thursday 15 October, 7pm
Verge Gallery, Jane Foss Russell Plaza City Road, Camperdown

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