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Manning Bar packed for Inauguration Watch - 22 January 2009

The USU’s Manning Bar drew a mob of media cameras and reporters, with a packed celebration of United States President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech on 21 January.

The event, organised by the United States Studies Centre, featured a special replay screening of President Obama’s swearing in ceremony and his famous speech.

Hundreds of students, staff and interested observers swarmed through the doors of Manning at midday to stake a seat and enjoy the many Presidential-themed attractions, including photos with a life-sized cut out of the 44th President, and a limited edition Obama-burger.

Film crews and reporters from major media networks arrived to capture the joyous atmosphere, watching on as the entire room exploded with elation when Obama was officially sworn in.

The event followed on from the also packed Election Watch held three months ago at Manning, where patrons celebrated Obama’s historic victory over Republican rival John McCain.

The election watch made Manning Bar Australia’s unofficial headquarters for following the US election trail, with American news network CNN housing a live feed from the University of Sydney’s pre-eminent bar.

This time, the Inauguration speech was the centrepiece, with an awed hush falling over the audience, punctuated with bursts of energetic applause as the President laid down the firmer points in his address.

Following the screening was a Q & A with Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Chief Executive of the United States Studies Centre.

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