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Student Board Directors announced - 30 June 2008


University of Sydney Union announces
2008-2009 Student Board of Directors
The University of Sydney Union (USU) recently welcomed a new President and Executive to the student Board of Directors. Ruchir Punjabi, replaces outgoing President Rose Khalilizahdeh.
Incoming President Ruchir Punjabi says “Last year, the Board of Directors and USU worked hard towards forging a stronger relationship with the University. The signing of the Heads of Agreement (HoA) was a historic moment that enshrined the ongoing relationship between the University and USU.
“I congratulate the '07-'08 Board and the staff for their tireless work in forging these relationships while providing the best student experience in the country. It is noteworthy how despite VSU, our relationship with the University has strengthened and with their support we are still the strongest and the largest student organisation in Australia.
“Over the next year, we would like to continue on this path where we and the University work together to provide for the members of the community to the best of our abilities. This will involve building new partnerships and strengthening existing ones to help our common goal. We plan to keep developing new and innovative programs and reach out to more and more students. It will be challenging, but that is what we are here for and I look forward to the exciting times that lie ahead,” says Mr Punjabi.
Outgoing President Rose Khalilizahdeh says “Serving as President of the University of Sydney Union has been the best experience of my university career. The opportunity to work to better the student experience has been an honour and privilege. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with USU and the University to ensure that we provide the best student experience in the country. It has been an honour to be part of an organisation with 134 years worth of history that does so much to support a vibrant university community. The Union will always remain close to my heart and will be the reason I will keep coming back to the University of Sydney.”
USU is governed by a Board of student directors, elected by USU Members. Any student Member may run for a Board position and Board Directors are elected for a two-year term, with half the Board retiring annually.
For more information regarding USU’s Student Board of Directors or Chairs of Committees or Forums contact the Board Secretary on .

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