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Welcome Back! - 28 July 2009

Welcome back to Semester Two!

You may have noticed that there have been some changes taking place around the campus while you’ve been enjoying your holidays… We’ve been busy getting the Plaza at the Jane Foss Russell Building ready with new food outlets, plenty of space to hang out with your friends or study outdoors and a new student art gallery.

Opening Week for The Plaza at the Jane Foss Russell Building!

The USU is excited to invite you to join USU President Pat Bateman and Vice Chancellor Michael Spence as they launch the USU’s new plaza in the Jane Foss Russell Building.

The Official Launch will take place at 1pm on Wednesday 29 July – and there will be other activities on all week.

Activities include:
Wednesday 11 am to 3pm:        Student Markets
Thursday 1pm:                              Theatresports – featuring Axis of Awesome
Friday 5pm to 9pm:                       Verge Gallery Student party!

Lots more changes happening on Campus in the coming year!

This is just one of many changes happening on campus. Already you may have noticed the upgrades to the Wentworth building and additional space and services being provided in the Jane Foss Russell Building.

These buildings will continue to be improved over the next year. These changes are part of the USU’s strategy to improve and reinvigorate City Road area of campus. We have been developing it over the last three years and think we’ve come up with some pretty good ways for improving your time on campus.

USU’s vision for its campus includes:

• Better and more diverse food on campus
• Centrally clustered, easily accessible services for students and staff
• Socially, economically and environmentally sustainable spaces on campus.

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